Tropical Atmospheric Dynamics Group, November 2021. Pictured (left to right): Jared Schadler, Marissa Osterloh, Anna Duhachek, Indrani Ganguly, Alex Gonzalez, Cassidy Hoium, Fouzia Fahrin, and Travis Enzensperger.


Current Members

Dr. Alex O. Gonzalez Principal Investigator
Indrani Ganguly Graduate Research Assistant
Fouzia Fahrin Graduate Teaching Assistant
Travis Enzensperger Graduate Research Assistant
Marissa Osterloh Undergraduate Research Assistant
Jared Schadler Undergraduate Research Assistant
Cassidy Hoium Undergraduate Research Assistant
Anna Duhachek Undergraduate Research Assistant










Past Members

Katherine Hanson (Physical Science and AP Chemistry Teacher at Urbandale High School in Urbandale, Iowa)

Kevin Greene (Now an Energy Specialist at Transamerica in Cedar Rapids, Iowa)

James Larson (Now a Graduate Student at Colorado State University)

Allysa Dallmann (Now a Graduate Student at the University of Texas at Austin)

Ashley Heath (Now a Scientific Programmer at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland)

Matthew Statz

Melissa Piper (Now a Graduate Student at SUNY Albany)

Sara Foernssler (Now an On-Air Meteorologist at CBS2 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa)






Past Photos


Tropical Atmospheric Dynamics Group, November 2020. Pictured (left to right): Kevin Greene, Indrani Ganguly, Alex Gonzalez, Allysa Dallmann, and James Larson.


Tropical Atmospheric Dynamics Group, November 2019. Pictured (left to right, starting at top left): Melissa Piper, Matthew Statz, Ashley Heath, Kevin Greene, Sara Foernssler, Alex Gonzalez, and Indrani Ganguly.